Medical Departments

Medical Departments


Eye surgery. Kiroshi implants of every generation.

Medical Departments


Nanotechnology involves the use of nanites, often smaller than individual human cells.

Medical Departments


Childhood illnesses and errors, reconfiguration and service of the youngest.

Medical Departments


cybernetic arms and legs, including hands and feet, as well as additional built-in features.

Medical Departments


Realskinn repair, replacement of coating, removal of defects.

Medical Departments


Disorders and defects of the cardiovascular system, their diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Departments


Improvements to human anatomy and physiology without the use of advanced electronics.

Medical Departments

Operating systems

Software replacement according to user demand.

Hospital Highlights

  • 24/7 Emergency Care

    On-the-ground services includes 24/7 emergency AV dispatch with a reflex booster-ready pilot, armed safety experts, and military-trained paramedics. A client's health status is tracked by internal cyberware, and if a client takes a turn for the worse, an AV squad receives their GPS signal and arrives on the scene in minutes. Reaction time and additional perks are dependent on the client's insurance package.

  • Heart & Vascular Care

    Inpatient care guarantees that every Trauma Team branch clinic is equipped with surgical nannites, specialized antibodies, and cryogenic chambers. Trauma Team also offers their own medications and reanimators, and has a selection of surplus implants from their suppliers.

  • Inpatient rehabilitation center

    24/7 monitoring, emergency patient transport, surgery and nano surgery, post-trauma rehabilitation, plastic surgery on demand, free check ups with the client's ripperdoc, an up to 90% discount on prescriptions, a 3-minute response time.

  • Premium Packages

    Trauma Team's premium insurance packages are divided into three grades: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Platinum package is the most comprehensive and expensive option. Clients can subscribe to one of Trauma Team's premium packages for as little as 24 hours if they cannot afford longer-term coverage.

  • Safety above all

    Each trauma team squad has their own TTI Medical AV-4A, a light-weight Aerodyne made of composite materials. The pilot mans the AV-4A, while the co-pilot mans the vehicle's front-mounted gatling gun. The pilot and co-pilot do not leave the Aerodyne during patient extraction, and their cockpit is kept separate from the rest of the vehicle.

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Meet Our Doctors


Every month we are presenting one of our amazing doctors. This month is time for Aleandro Padovesi, who is head of the MedCenter clinic.


Our Care Team

Aleandro Padovesi

Clinic Chief

Aleandro is the head of the clinic but is also a prominent BioWare specialist. He has been working with us for 2 years now and has saved hundreds of patients from cyberpsychosis during his career.


Beware of cyberpsychosis

People who are near the edge
are politely asked (that is, required)
to register as such. A registered cyberpsycho
is on something akin to parole. They must
attend periodic therapy sessions to keep them human.
They have implants to monitor their activity.
So long as they don't do anything dangerous,
they can go about their lives as normal

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Cyberpsychosis statistics

We registered - 9.13% of suspected cases of cyberpsychosis of which 90.87% received outpatient care
We registered - 19% of suspected cases of cyberpsychosis, the remaining 81% of the population show no symptoms.




MedCenter Hospital opens


Establishment of cooperation with Arasaka, Militech, Night Corp and Biotechnica


KangTao's handover of the McDonnell-Douglas AV-4 Tactical Urban Assault Vehicle as an ambulance


Resumption of work on electronic edition of TraumaTeam card

Patient Stories

  • Johanna Smith
    Breast cancer survivor
    In 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2nd stage. I have missed 2 years my yearly exam and the deed was done. I trusted MedCenter and now this is my 3rd year in remission. Thank you very much for all the help and care!
  • Amanda James
    Cardiomyopathy survivor
    I have much energy now, every day is so precious to me. I’m very thankful for my new hearth and for the care I received at MedCenter Hospital. The doctors are so kind and supportive. The amount of care is astounding.
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Medica is among the best hospitals in the last 10 years, delivering top-notch quality medical care. Only this year we have served 1500 patients and saved almost 500 souls.

Medica Awards
Medica Awards
Medica Awards

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MedCenter is the most complete medical center in Night City. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering Lifetime HealthCare.

Helping people since 2019, MedCenter has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 2 years in almost any category.


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