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Having a platinum card gives you peace of mind that someone you designate will take care of what is left behind. The platinum card has embedded chips, containing information that you decide for yourself. If you decide to record medical data, all you need to do is have a doctor or paramedic scan your card via NFC.

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Full Body Life Coverage
and Executive plan

Silver Package

$500 per month
*or $5,550 with a yearly plan discount.

In the event that a Trauma Team is dispatched, the customer/patient need only to pay E$100 for every minute until arrival at the nearest corporate hospital.



Corporate Coverage
and Executive plan

Gold Package

$1,500 per month
*or $16,500 with a yearly plan discount.

Response time of 7 minutes. The customer is taken to a corporate medical center upon pickup. The customer still has to pay for damage.



High Priority Coverage
without annual fee

Platinum Package

$34,000 per month
* and does not have a yearly rate.

This plan comes with a gold Trauma Team Inc. card. The response time for this plan is 3-to-5 minutes, which us claims is the fastest in the business.


What Makes Us Different

When the doctor cannot do good because he has to take care of safety first, it means that there can be no more bitterness. That is why Trauma Teams are so complex. We are more than flesh and blood, we are complex defence-medical systems because our patients live better when they have faith that someone is watching over their health

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Dimitri - Trauma Team rescuer in action

  • Amanda James
    I'm working with MedCenter HealthCare for almost 2 years and they have my admiration. They are professionals in every way. All the awards in the last years are well deserved and I'm grateful to be part of this establishment!
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Team Behind MedCenter

Our Care Team


Courtney Hewitt

Managing Director

Courtney is the managing director at MedCenter for almost 3 years and he dedicates all his efforts to make the life of our residents in MedCenter easy.

Our Care Team


Ellie Williams

Nursing Director

Ellie is the operating nursing director at MedCenter and he is probably the woman that you will meet most of the times when you have an issue.

Motor skills

Observation skills

Emotional health

Communication skills

Our Partners

Trauma Team and MedCenter works with major corporations around the world to provide the best possible healthcare services. We value our partners and the relationships we have built with them.

Amazing Partners We Trust
Amazing Partners We Trust
Amazing Partners We Trust

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MedCenter is the most complete medical center in Night City. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering Lifetime HealthCare.

Helping people since 2019, MedCenter has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 2 years in almost any category.


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