Trauma Team Insurance Card

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The Trauma Team International platinum insurance card is a replica of the card found in the game Cyberpunk 2077. This does not change the fact that it is a prestigious and functional accessory for everyone. It has an aesthetic function, complementing the group of CP2077 gadgets, as well as a functional one, as it is a fully useful card containing a number of important information for its holder.

The Trauma Team International platinum insurance card is a fully functional device containing technology allowing it to be used as a carrier of necessary data, e.g. medical. It allows quick access to information for the rescuer, who, after scanning it with the NFC available on the phone or tablet, will gain access to key data about your health and will be able to take action more accurately.

In this card we can record information about your allergies, illnesses, injuries, ICE phone numbers or those of your own doctor, any address, a statement of intent for organs or information on past vaccinations, as well as your blood type, which is additionally printed on both sides of the card. In addition, a link to your card profile on Trauma Team International can be added to the chip where you can also check the status of your card or give a more detailed description of the information relevant to you.

To make the card even more useful and usable on a daily basis, it has an additional chip which allows it to be programmed into systems supporting 125kHz RFID frequency, e.g. as a key to open intercoms, gates or to bounce entrances/exits at work.

The card is a working replica of a card created on the basis of Cyberpunk 2077 graphics, and for fans of the game it's a turbo cool and useful gadget to collect. As you know, the card's job in the game is to call for TTI support when the client is in total trouble. Only a few can afford this card, which is why owning a Trauma Team insurance card is quite prestigious.

We are mainly limited by our imagination.

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Courtney Hewitt

Managing Director

Courtney is the managing director at MedCenter for almost 3 years and he dedicates all his efforts to make the life of our residents in MedCenter easy.

Our Care Team


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Ellie is the operating nursing director at MedCenter and he is probably the woman that you will meet most of the times when you have an issue.

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Emotional health

Communication skills

Beware of cyberpsychosis

People who are near the edge
are politely asked (that is, required)
to register as such. A registered cyberpsycho
is on something akin to parole. They must
attend periodic therapy sessions to keep them human.
They have implants to monitor their activity.
So long as they don't do anything dangerous,
they can go about their lives as normal

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Cyberpsychosis statistics

We registered - 9.13% of suspected cases of cyberpsychosis of which 90.87% received outpatient care
We registered - 19% of suspected cases of cyberpsychosis, the remaining 81% of the population show no symptoms.

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