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Our mission..

Our mission is to create a patient-friendly environment during your stay and treatment.

Our vision..

Recognition of a threat is associated with great anxiety and uncertainty for our corporate client. In all our departments, efforts are directed towards reducing the anxiety and pain of our patients and the inconvenience of a hospital stay. Intimate yet rich conditions of our hospital, limited number of hospitalized patients ensure safety and comfortable stay. Our emergency "Trauma Team" works closely with experts from all specialties to develop the fastest possible treatment. However, in order to provide effective care to our clients, depending on their level of finances, we offer several solutions available in the ABOUT tab so as not to expose anyone to unnecessary costs

Joining an insurance program
  • Estimate your financial capabilities
  • Consider how much your life is worth to you
  • Contact the Trauma Team service desk
  • Apply to join the program
  • Provide your provider with all the necessary information
  • Tell us what happens to your information after you die
Selecting a package
  • Determine how long you need insurance for
  • Determine how long you want your team to arrive
  • As an employer, only insure the most important
  • If you are poor you can buy insurance only for 24 hours
  • Specify the level of assistance
  • Determinate mode of transportation
  • Determinate the treatment facility
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Helping people since 2019, MedCenter has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 2 years in almost any category.


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