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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Hello to everyone who has come here, let me first tell you that I am a huge fan of the game Cyberpunk 2077 and a sincere congratulations to CDPRed for creating such a great game !!! If you are also a fan of the game then I would like to invite you to the project of creating IT infrastructure in our real world. As I'm sure you know the Night City website was created, I made the MedCenter and Trauma Team website in one but there are many more websites to create. The game contains plenty of corporations to create. Let's play with the atmosphere of Cyberpunk in modern times by faithfully replicating the events of the time.

If you are a Cosplayer and have like Dimitri a TT suit and create videos - please write to me. As Trauma Team International, I will be happy to publish your footage on the MedCenter hospital website or Facebook page. If you are a graphic designer and can make CP looking characters - super send me your works. If they are good I will post them on the site and of course sign that it is your work! I think it can be great fun! And also to promote the great work that is Cyberpunk 2077.

Everything I do here I do for free or by covering the costs myself, so I can't pay you for your graphics or videos, but I think putting your work on the TTI website or facebook page is also a good option.

I invite all fans to play! Let's create the game world in real life so we can feel the immersion better.

Write to me on facebook or on email, which you will find on the hospital website ;)

BTW... sorry for my English, I don't know it very well ;D In any case... have fun

Clinic Chief

I'm Martin
Have fun !

People believe that to be successful, you have to get up early. Well, no - you have to get up in a good mood.

My words ;)

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MedCenter is the most complete medical center in Night City. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering Lifetime HealthCare.

Helping people since 2019, MedCenter has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 2 years in almost any category.


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