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Medical Tourism

Reinforced Tendons

This cyberware implant allows you to perform double jumps while already in mid-air.

Medical Tourism


Cybernetic implants that drastically increase maximum health. You never know what might happen to you so it's better to protect yourself.

Medical Tourism

Ocular System

Kiroshi's optical system provides 8x zoom so you'll see more than others. You won't miss a thing anymore.

Medical Tourism

Sandevistan implant

Allows you to slow down time or drastically speed up your reactions to better utilize your abilities such as photography.

Medical Departments


The heart is not your servant, you only have one so don't let it fail, during the attractions in the city.

Medical Tourism


Going on a party vacation? Decide what you want to be. A boy or a girl or maybe something else?


Main Reasons for Medical Tourism

  • To avoid waiting long lists

    To avoid queues and long waiting times, buy the platinum insurance card. You will receive help within 3-5 minutes.

  • To receive benefits from innovation

    The higher the card you choose the more you will gain. Depending on your choice, our response time and commitment to the order will change.

  • To take advantage from value-price

    Clients can subscribe to one of Trauma Team's premium packages for as little as 24 hours if they cannot afford longer-term coverage.

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Useful Information

What you need to know when traveling
These risks depend on the area that you are visiting and the procedures performed there.
  • Doctors can reuse needles if you cannot afford full assistance. Decide on your level of safety.
  • If you have a platinum card and are planning a further or longer trip, don't forget to let your Trauma Team mentor know.
  • Immediately after the treatment it is not recommended to perform long flights because the change in pressure can damage the quick connectors, which have not had time to adapt to the new software.
  • If you use blood you need to know that in some countries the blood supply may be compromised and medicines may be of poor quality.

How much can you save*




Costa Rica









*Average range of savings for the most-traveled destinations

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Helping people since 2019, MedCenter has won the Best Hospital Award in the past 2 years in almost any category.


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